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Apple remote review

The Apple remote is a pretty simplistic device with limited features, it does what it does nothing more , nothing less.

First impressions are that it's thin , really thin , its not only the thinnest remote I've ever held in my hand , but im pretty sure its one of the thinnest things produced by Apple that I have held in my hand.

How does it work?

When it comes to getting it to work , all I had to do was pull it out, point it at my Mac Mini and click play , you could say that "It Just Works". If iTunes isn't open when you click play , then it will be opened to the relavent place for you. This feature however has a downside ,if you have more than one Mac in the room this thing will control both , so when I had my laptop open and used the device ,musical chaos ensued.


For the home user who wants to use it for iTunes the relevance of the device is questionable ,though it is handy to quickly grab and turn down the volume or change a song, the iTunes Remote app o…

What programming language must you learn?

Every now and then(like every 2 nano-seconds) , a user will come onto a forum and ask: "What programming language should I learn?"

Not long afterwards ,somebody will whip out their snake(python) followed by everybody's own personal favorite language. The whole process is a mess and can leave a newcomer confused.

An important thing to note is that the language you start with is probably not the language you will end up using. I personally started programming by messing around in Visual Basic 6 , Got my diploma in C# and C++(half lang). I now mainly work in Objective-C , but also implement PHP services among other things.

Become a language agnostic programmer

Once you have learned the basics of programming in any language , learning another language is much quicker. The part that takes time when learning a new language is not really the syntax, but the libraries that are used to get specific tasks done.  Knowing a full language and most of its libraries means that you are s…