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Software Developers Experience building a robot Part 1(Legs)


This will be part one in a series where I ( A software developer ) share my experiences in an attempt to build a fully wireless robot. This series will be targeted at other software developers wanting to do the same , who can hopefully learn from my mistakes , and electronics engineers who would like a good laugh.

The software:
As this is aimed at software people we will start by talking about the software, before delving into the unknown and getting electrocuted. Before I even started buying parts, I had decided to go with the following "stack":
Raspberry Pi with wifi dongleArduino microcontrollerFirmataJohnny-five
As you can tell from the need for johnny-five this is indeed a JavaScript robot. The Idea is to run the JS on the Pi and have it control the Arduino and in turn control the robot.

One thing to note on this is that the Pi's default package manager does not load the latest version of node.js so you are going to have to compile a newer version if you …


I've started a project that I hope really gets off the ground. It's just a simple github page that lists successful nodebot projects.

The idea is to keep a list of successful projects that detail the hardware and open source the software involved in making the nodebot.  This will give people an indication of the complexity and cost of a project before diving in and hopefully sidestep any issues the original creator may have encountered.

I hope this will serve as a platform for beginners to launch off of ,nodebot veterans to pass on knowledge and as a gauge to the size of the nodebot community.

As a start and to show what I had in mind , I've added my own project as an example to the list. However any input on formatting would be graciously accepted, after all, this is open source!

The Site:
The wiki page: