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The World’s best operating system

This is a debate that has waged since the beginning of the three major operating systems, namely Microsoft Windows, The Mac Operating system and the many variations of Linux. For the purpose of this post I will be comparing using the latest versions, so that is Microsoft Windows 7, Mac OSX Lion and well, Linux is Linux.
Microsoft Windows is the operating system everybody should be familiar with, it’s pretty much what people grow up with and become used to, when you buy a pc, it more than likely comes with windows, you don’t get pc games, you get “games for windows”, plus the average person’s question when they see Linux on your pc is “What windows is that?”. Up until now though, I have never been happy with windows, there were always error messages and viruses and just general slowness and inefficiency. But from the moment I saw windows 7, I liked it, not only did it look good, but it performed well and I was able to use it for months without a single error, I nicknamed it Windows 1.