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Out of all the games I was anticipating in 2011, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim  (Kelle: Keizaal in the Dragon tounge) was strangely not one of them.This was because I hated Oblivion and expected Skyrim to be the same.

 I was very,very wrong. There were actually only two reasons I hated Oblivion, but they deterred me from actually attempting to finish the game.Reason one was that the inventory used illogical little icons and was as intuitive as Quantum mechanics(I to this day don't know how to drop an item in Oblivion) .Reason two was aesthetics,the people are the ugliest collection of creatures ive seen in a game,and thats just the humans... And then theres the water,lets just say it filled my head with strange thoughts of water coolers in the Bethesda office being filled with a strange matte blue liquid.

In Skyrim they fixed it all ,everything is beautiful ,and finally someone got it into thier head that words are alot more intuitive than silly little pictures (they even tell you how…