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Bringing back apache(Web Sharing) after Mountain Lion install

If you were a user of Web Sharing in OSX then you may have realised that the option for web sharing in Preferences is now gone in Mountain Lion. However the apache2 background is still there ,but all of your configs have been reset(you may find the old backed up ones lying around somewhere) and you will need to bring them back before starting up apache from the terminal.

First things first though, I use php for my web stuff so I want to bring that back first. So I need to edit the file /etc/apache2/httpd.conf and uncomment the line that loads the php module:

LoadModule php5_module libexec/apache2/

Save the file and we should be done(remember we need root permission to save changes to this file).

Next I want to set up my php.ini. Go to /etc in the terminal and sudo cp php.ini.default php.ini

Now edit the php.ini (don't forget the root permissions) to your preferences , I wont provide details on this because it depends whether you are using this machine for the purposes of …

Save the Mountain Lion

So I have Mountain Lion running one Mac , and I have already learnt something the hard way. Once you download , BACK UP the installer somewhere , after installing ,the Mountain Lion installer disappears without a trace so if you own more than one mac you are going to have to do the download again. Thats a pain I am sitting through right now. However , thanks to the existence of the new OS on one Mac I can still give some first Impression Opinions.

I have only had the OS for a couple of hours and on first look you notice that the dock has changed , In my opinion for the better , the dock no longer has a glossy reflective finish that creates an annoying center line across the entire thing when a window ismaximized. The reduced reflections make it appear   a lot less cluttered and it just seems newer and fresher. The indicator light for open applications has become more subtle though and can be harder to detect when your brightness is turned up to the max(laptop). In fact turning the bri…