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MacBook Pro with Lion,WiFi problems?

If you don't know already I am a fan of Apples products,this is coupled with a strange fact.I have never,ever owned anything made by Apple besides the copy of Snowleopard I run on a VirtualBox.

I may not own one ,but I think I can speak with authority on the topic of "MacBook Pro with Lion,WiFi problems?" because of what I have seen on another machine and what I have Internet-ed.

I have seen Lion run on a 2008 15 inch MacBook Pro - no WiFi problems ,why? It was fully updated.The reason I am actually posting this is that I recently tried helping someone with this problem on a not fully updated MacBook Pro(hence the extensive internet research).Of all the strange hacks and ideas the only eureka moments on the internet are when some guy posts ,"I updated and now it works". So there,if you are having WiFi problems on your MacBook pro with Lion,Update,it seems like it works and it makes more sense than "".

The person I attempted to help was unfortu…

Setting up Qt Creator for assembly

After fiddling with inline asssembly (not very successfully) ,I recently decided to try writing proper assembly and compiling with NASM in Linux. After writing a hello world using gedit and having a terminal open for compiling,linking and running I had a thought.,there has to be a better way to do this.
So I tried Qt Creator ,because I know it's easy to add custom build and run commands,and what do you know? I got it to work. Here's how,my screenshots and assembly code are in Linux but the set up should be the same regardless of the operating system,if you are not using Linux then just use the same commands you use to assemble in your operating system.
First off ,create a new console application:

I named mine ASM Rename the main.cpp to main.asm and delete all the text inside.then insert some assembly:

Now open up the “Project” tab and edit the build settings,remove the current build and clean steps and remove the “-build-desktop” from the end of the build directory line.

Need I say more?

Ok ok I will say more,for those of you who don't already know,Tux(the penguin) is the Linux mascot,and the robot represents Microsoft's Windows.
If you want to know more about Linux there is a link to Wikipedia here. If you want to try it out ,here is a link to the most popular distribution:

Prettyfying with CSS

The internet is filled with tutorials on how to do nice effects with CSS,so I decided to fill it more by doing a tutorial on 3 effects: Rounded corners,Shadows and gradients. At the end I will show you an example of what can be done when you string these 3 together.
WARNING: A lot of this stuff may not work in Older browsers,if your browser does not support these styles ,the following link may help If you need to see the pictures below more clearly,click them. First off ,lets create two files one html file and one CSS file hello.html and style.css.
Lets start with setting up the CSS so we can get a nice layout.
body { font-family:Arial; background-attachment:fixed; width:800px; margin:5px auto; background-color:#696969; font: normal 10pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; } #pageDiv { background-color:#ffffff; padding:3px; }
Then set up the html file.
<html> <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css&qu…

Rapid Firefox

Sometimes in the tech world you get this feeling that you are slightly behind,like not all of your programs are up to date and they may be a year or two old.

Lately though some programs have updates that  are so regular that if your program was up to date a couple of hours ago ,it isn't any more. Firefox is one of those programs,in fact it has the tiniest release intervals ive ever seen,I think it should be renamed.Maybe something like Tasmanian Devil(with a jetpack).

I'm not complaining about this ,Frequent updates are a good thing ,I'm just suggesting some more appropriate naming."Rapid release" just doesn't do Firefox's bewildering update release speed justice.Its kind of like describing the way a minigun fires its rounds as "rapid release". It just sounds wrong.Come to think of it "rapid fire" would be a better way to describe things than "rapid release" (for both Firefox and the minigun).

At least with the …


Well well ,my first blog ,and about time too, my nerd progress has been slow thanks to the limited Internet in lovely South Africa. As the title should tell you (I hope it does,I'm such a noob) ,this blog is about me,a Student/Programmer.The blog will be mainly aimed at programming and tech subjects and events that affect me /etc/.

One thing you should know is that I am a fan of both Apple and Linux.I don't own anything made by Apple but I would really like to.

I also Have a project on source-forge:

I look forward to posting more stuff and hopefully being more interesting than I am being now,probably because its 2:27 in the morning...