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Using The AeroGlass library

AeroGlass Library Version 1.2
Contents: ·Usage with Windows forms ·Usage with WPF forms The AeroGlass library accesses the dwmapidll to extend the frames of windows for use with the C# language, this gives the effect of having more glass areas on a window or making a window look as if it is completely glass. The library aims to make implementing this method easier so that you can achieve this effect with minimal code and will not have to access the dll yourself,version 1.2 of the library is compatible with both windows forms and WPF forms, though the implementation differs slightly. This documentation covers the implementations of both types.

My C# 2D Game

A couple of months ago i started writing a 2D shooter game using OpenTK(The Open Tool Kit) in C#,i got far but I ran into some issues,that ,due to my lack of knowledge and experience with the language caused be to abandon the project.I recently picked up the project again and in three days I was able to rewrite the game to the point at which I last stopped(this originally took me months),and the code is much more efficient.

Luckily I have found ways to overcome certain problems and even though the collision checking is slightly dodgy it is now a simple working game that loads levels from a level file format I developed myself.It is my hope to soon release a "bemo'" so that people can see what I'm doing and I can maybe get some feedback.I use the term "bemo" to refer to a beta-demo containing only a few levels ,like a demo,but using the beta game code.

So far the level files can only be produced by typing them out,I am working on documentation for the format…