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Innovation (You're doing it wrong)

The word Innovation , it drives me insane! I think I havent heard it used correctly this entire year. Apple uses it incorrectly a lot by calling improvement innovation, and people ridicule them for that.

Yet those same people say things like "Patents hold back innovation". Just wait a minute? what ? Patents (saying this is my new idea and you cant use it) holds you back from inventing something completely new or different to what has been patented ? Well.. I don't even ... where did you buy your logic? Take it back , get a refund.
Patents can hold back your ability to improve exsisting technology and being able to sell that as a product but im pretty sure the patent holder would pay you a nice sum for your improvement ideas(if you patent them of corse). Patents can work with improvement and if what you are doing is really innovation , there won't be an existing patent anyway. 

So please , understand a word before you create a "buzz-phrase" around it.